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RESIDCO has extensive Capital Markets expertise to provide creative structuring and funding solutions for investments in the aviation and rail transportation industries. RESIDCO has the capabilities to raise both debt and equity financing through its global relationships with foreign and domestic banks, specialty finance companies, insurance companies, private equity funds, hedge funds, and family offices.


To maximize the value of the portfolio, diversify concentration risks, and manage investment objectives, RESIDCO routinely conducts asset sales and lease syndications. The team also sources portfolios for potential acquisition from financial institutions and other independent lessors.


RESIDCO leverages its aviation and rail expertise by managing assets for strategic equity partners through joint ventures. We also offer portfolio management, servicing, and remarketing of lease portfolios to investors.


RESIDCO has extensive expertise investing in assets attached to leverage lease structures and has a proven track record untangling the complexity that comes with these products. RESIDCO’s deep understanding of asset values allows our participation in these investments. This includes transactions which have purchase options that are still in effect. RESIDCO’s Capital Markets unique access provides origination sources more broadly than other market participants.


Andrew Sisti

Andrew Sisti

Managing Director – Financial Institutions & Capital Markets

Andrew joined RESIDCO in June 2016 after two and a half years at US Bank Equipment Finance.

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