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RESIDCO invests in commercial and corporate aircraft, engines, and components and provides leasing and financial solutions for customers worldwide. Aircraft investments range from turboprops to widebodies as well as the respective engines that power them. Find out more about the array of aviation assets on which we focus.

RESIDCO - Railcar passing by a field


RESIDCO invests in a wide variety of freight cars and locomotives. Freight car interests cover the full range from gondolas to specialized tank cars. Locomotive expertise encompasses all types from switching units to six-axle mainline applications. Find out more about the array of rail assets on which we focus.

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RESIDCO’s structuring expertise combined with an extensive network of relationships with financial institutions provides the underpinning that allows new entrants to benefit from RESIDCO’s experience in the form of joint ventures and structured debt. Learn more about our capital markets expertise.

RESIDCO has invested over $2B of rail and aviation assets.


Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis

President & CEO

Joined team RESIDCO in 2014 after 18 years at The Northern Trust Company where he was President of Norlease.

Vincent A. Kolber

Vincent A. Kolber

Chairman & Founder

An innovator in transportation capital and alternative investments.


RESIDCO is a specialist investor and lessor of transportation industry equipment. This field demands a unique combination of disciplines and skills: remarketing, syndications, equity and debt structuring, leasing, and most importantly, expertise in transportation equipment market values.

RESIDCO’s portfolio consists of thousands of freight cars and locomotives as well as aircraft and jet engines. RESIDCO also manages large pools of freight cars, locomotives, and aircraft for other lessors and joint venture partners.

Additionally, RESIDCO provides residual support and derivative structures for the benefit of other investors.

A customer-centric approach, creative structuring, and prompt execution are the cornerstones of our culture.


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RESIDCO’s office is located in the heart of the Chicago Loop at the corner of Madison and Clark.

  • 70 W Madison, Suite 2200 Chicago, IL 60602 - 4275
  • Phone: +1 312-726-0695
  • Fax: +1 312-726-3690
  • Toll Free: +1 800-273-1600


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